Choosing Your Wedding Cake – How Do I Choose My Wedding Cake

The choice of a wedding cake like many other aspects of the wedding is purely the preference of the bride and groom. The choices used to be fairly simple. A classic cake was white or off white and had multiple tiers with a tiny bride and groom on top. However, there are many more styles and choices today. All white may not necessarily be what the couple wants. They may choose to use their wedding colors or have patterns from the bride’s dress adapted to the cake. There are edible beads and bakers can create all kinds of patterns using ideas and pictures from magazines, drawings, and virtually anything else you find. The internet is a great resource for getting ideas on exactly what kind of cake to have created.

Some couples decide to have a smaller wedding cake and serve guests from sheet cakes baked for the occasion. This can be great for couples on a budget at the expense of huge cakes can be quite expensive. Another trend is to have smaller cakes decorated and placed on each table for the guests. They can be the same or can have different fillings so guests can sample from table to table.

Just as trends in cakes have developed over the years, so have toppers. Many couples still choose the traditional bride and groom, however, more decide on wedding doves, a picture of the bride and groom, monogrammed toppers, or even fresh cut flowers. There are even designers who can create a clay figurine that is custom made to look just like the bride and groom. One that is extra personal and unique is to have the cake designer to write your wedding vows on the top of your cake. A picture of this will definitely go in the wedding album to be treasured for years to come.

Choosing a wedding cake designer takes several things into accord. First of all, budget. Finding the right one for the right price can take some doing. Check with other family members and friends. They normally can recommend someone they have used before. If that doesn’t work, once again check out the internet. You can usually find an online discussion going on about any subject at any time. A lot of these have reviews on services that have been used and finding one in your area shouldn’t be a problem. You can also visit a bakery and look at their designs and ask if they custom design as most do. Before choosing one make sure they can provide the wedding cake you want whether it is the decorations or the flavors or the cake itself. When the cake is delivered it is too late to change your mind and you want it to be what you ordered. This is your wedding and all aspects of the occasion will be recorded, passed down, and enjoyed for a lifetime. Artfully Crafted Wedding Cakes & Confections

How To Choose Unique Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is an inseparable part of a wedding celebration. The cake stands for the love and care of the couple. The couple wants to share the joy and happiness with all their friends and family members. While deciding about a wedding cake, the couple has to plan a lot in advance. There are a few questions that the couple needs to answer before choosing the wedding cake. How many guests are attending the celebration? Should the cake be multi-tier? Do you want to preserve the top layer for your first anniversary? Which flavor do you want in the cake? What sort of decoration do you want in the cake? What is your budget for the cake?

All these answers will help the couple in giving out their idea for the cake to the chosen baker. The couple should talk with friends and get references for the baker. The baker has to be one who specializes in wedding cakes. The baker should show you album of his past work. Cake tasting should be an option available with the baker. Once the baker is decided, the couple has to clearly mention their idea of the cake, decoration, cake icing, and cake topper. This will make the picture perfect for the baker. He will understand your abstract ideas and then use his skill to present a cake for you on your special occasion.

The wedding cake has to be unique and it should represent the couple’s personal choices. So, they have to choose something that they like the most.

Here are the tips that the couple needs to use before choosing a wedding cake:

Look at the pictures of the wedding cake and then decide the one that best suits your requirements.

Once the baker is chosen, give him or her instructions about the number of guests, tiers that you require in cake, shape, and size of the cake

Be specific about the flavor of the cake. Accordingly, you have to ask for icing or fondant for decoration

The cake has to gel with the theme of the wedding, venue decoration, flower arrangements, and bridal wear. Consider all these things before choosing the flavor of the cakes

It should be distributed among all the guests. Therefore, you have to be specific about the number of guests. This will help you in ordering the cake with the required weight or slices

Cakes will be priced according to the slices. Take a look at the prices of the various bakers and choose the one that is affordable

The cake has to taste great, which the guest will remember for years to come. So, taste four to five cakes and then choose the best among those.

If you want you can go for cupcakes that are affordable, choice of flavors, simple for distribution and can be easily arranged on the table. It is the latest trend.

The cake should showcase your likes, passion and it’s for a special moment in your life. Hence, get the best cake for you from the baker.