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I literally spend my life thinking. But, don’t we all?


Some neat questions to get your brain moving:

Why is there something rather than nothing?dr munn thinking

Why is there an existence to the universe and not nothing? Why is anything here? Why is the universe filled with galaxies?

Is our universe real?

How do we know what we see around us is real? Very Matrix-like thinking. Are we in a simulation, is this just a perception and therefore it becomes our reality?

Do we have free will?

Scientists can predict the behaviors of atoms and other particles. But, our brains are made up of the exact same predictable matter, so are we therefore not capable of free will?

Is there life after death?

We can’t ask. Are we in a permanent existence?

Can you really experience anything objectively?

We all have our own brains and our own filters of the world. How can one objectively experience anything? We live in a subjective filter.